The school of  teacher education in Central China Normal University (CCNU) was established in January 2010, which consisits of  Teachers' Vocational Skills Training and Testing Base, the Ministry of  Education’s Training Center for High School Teachers in Central-Southern China, the Ministry of Education’s Research Center for Basic Education Curriculum、Hubei Putonghua Education and Assessment Center and other organizations.
   The school is well equipped with the Normal Students' Vocational Ability Training Department and the Testing Department, Primary and Secondary School in-service Teacher Training Department, the Ministry of Education’s Training Center for High School Teachers in Central-southern China, Hubei Putonghua Education and Assessment Center,the Language and Writing Office of CCNU,  the Ministry of Education’s Research Center for Basic Education Curriculum, Hubei Teacher Qualification Examination’s CCNU Interview Test Center,  Center for Teaching and Learning Development and College office, etc.  The work is related to the training and testing for normal students's vocational ability,the training for high school teachers in central-southern China,the training for primary and secondary school according to the  National Training Plan, the training and testing of Putonghua,  the language and writing business of CCNU, the education research, the construction and management of staff in discipline teaching, the development and construction of teacher education resources, the teacher qualification examination, and the development of teachers’ teaching ability,etc. In 2014,the school began to enrol graduate students who majored in teacher education.
The School of  Teacher Education is the national base for primary and secondary school backbone teachers’training, especially in education and teaching ability.It is also the vice-chairman unit of National College Teacher Training Research Association and Hubei Teacher Education Association.
  There are 21 faculty members in The School of Teacher Education, among which 6 are leaders (half are doctors,half are post-graduates),2 are full-time researchers (with a Ph. D), 13 are staff (all with the master's degree).In addition, there are more than 40 part-time teachers .as for the sites,the office and teaching-research sites covers more than 1200 square meters,and the special training sites covers 520 square meters.
   The school owns advanced equipment and rich resources. At presernt,there are many teachers' vocational skills training rooms ,including Putonghua training and testing room, multi-functional recording room, writing skills training and testing room, teaching design and teaching resource making training room,which provides powerful support for normal students in vocational skills training , teacher’s qualification certification ,teacher occupation development and teacher training with high level and so on.
   The School integrates teacher education resources actively , strengthens the high level teaching continuously , researches and manages the team building, gives great impetus to research in teacher education theories and basic educational practice,  plays the talents and scientific research’s important role in supporting the college connotation development and sustainable development.It aims to build the school’s core competitiveness , constructs teacher education platform that is diversified combination,research-training
combination,characteristic of brand and puts pre-service cultivation and post-service education in the same position. It strives to build a model-multifunctional  national teacher education service and research base.